Asphalt Repair.

Joe Panyard "The Driveway Guy"  will handle any size patch or asphalt repair job. As driveways age, some cracking is inevitable, no matter how well the driveway was built. We do complete removal and replacement of bad areas, mill, patching or overlay patches.  Please call and we will provide top quality service and performance.

Joe Panyard "The Driveway Guy" - your total asphalt patching & repair contractor in the Central Indiana Area.



Joe Panyard "The Driveway Guy" has been Sealcoating for over 30 years now. We offer only the best, most modern solutions for all of your asphalt SealCoat needs. 

​Pavement is a costly investment. Maintain and repair your driveway, parking lot, and pavement with sealcoating, crack filling, and patching by Joe "The Driveway Guy"



                              Services We Offer-

• Sealcoating
  ○ Industrial
  ○ Commercial
  ○ Residential

• Crack filling & crack repair



• Patching

• Parking Lot Services
  ○ Striping
  ○ Layout Design